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Gabrielle Roth, Maps to Ecstasy

“Love is emotional energy flowing rightly. It is the full range of emotions expressed appropriately, in the moment, honestly, directly. A lover is a child grown up.”


About Release

We open embodiment spaces for human evolution.


Release - Embodied Arts Portugal is an association dedicated to organise embodied movement classes, workshops and courses. We wish to offer to as many people as possible the opportunity to find health, empowerment and wellbeing through dance and somatics.



We dream of a future where embodied movement practices become a widespread collective resource for individual and societal health.

What embodied movement practices do we promote?


We offer a blend of somatic and artistic/expressive practices that deepen and regenerate the connection between the body-nature and the mind. It's not just about physical movement and pleasurable dance; it's about diving into the rich tapestry of sensations, emotions, and insights that lie within. From movement meditation workshops (such as 5 Rhythms, Open Floor, Zero One and Life-Dace) to therapeutic groups rooted in Somatic Experiencing techniques pioneered by Peter Levine, each modality offers a path for self-knowledge and healing. In all of them, we tap into the innate wisdom of the body, embrace authenticity and trust in the transformative power of movement and togetherness.

Why embodied movement practices?

The potential of embodied movement practices for individual and collective wellbeing is scientifically proven and undeniable for those who take part in them. They heal chronic stress and trauma, regulate the nervous system, turn stuckness into motion and bring the light of awareness and empowerment into the unconscious shadowy patterns that shape all our relations. They link the cognitive mind to the deep wisdom and memory of the body and are powerful gateway for physical, emotional and mental release, attunement and integration. 

- it opens your awareness to mystery and truth

- it is a birthplace for a new human culture!


Read more in our resources section.



Release inspires and empowers people and organizations to nurture deep and transformative embodied movement spaces to (re)connect to the wisdom of our nature-body, from which a regenerative relationship to self, others and the planet can flourish!



2017 - The AHA Moment!

In a dark green forest on Portugal's mainland, Constança danced wildly - she was burned out from the intensity and disconnection of her city life and work. That dance lasted for several days and brought her many insights. One of them was that she needed to show the world how dance could heal the Earth. 


2021 - The Seed

In October 2021, after a global lockdown and four years of radical transformation that had followed that forest dance, Constança sent an email to everyone she knew about her vision: "New Seeds for a New World". One of the recipients was Adam Barley, who had become an important teacher and inspiration. Adam replied that same day: "Great to see you putting your work out there. May it be fruitful. Would you like to put something together with me in the coming months? "


2022 - Release sprouts!

In January 2022, inspired by Adam's proposal and their collaboration, Constança created a website to promote dance events facilitated by herself and other invited teachers. Over the following two years, Release - Embodied Arts Portugal organized over 300 workshops, classes, and courses. These powerful dance spaces impacted many lives, creating ripples of change. A vibrant community emerged and the project took on a life force and momentum.

2024 - Sapling and Growing

In January 2024, another leap of faith: a small team was assembled, and Release was formally established as an Association. This is the year to strengthen our roots and gather the vital nutrients to stretch our branches towards sunlight."How can we bring this work to where it is most needed and can have the greatest impact for future generations?"  is one of the many questions we are currently dancing with! 




Learn more about the teachers we currently work with! You can find their bio, offers and resources in the links below.

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